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False advertising of price at convenience store

A friend recently forwarded me photos showing price discrepancy at several convenience stores in the country.

He said they had gone viral and advised me to pay more attention to the displayed price tags and how much I end up paying.

What he didn’t know is that I had already fallen prey to the dishonest business conduct a few weeks prior. I bought a couple of cans of chicken curry from my neighbourhood shop. The price tags showed BND1 for a small-sized can and BND1.5 for the medium. I decided I would get one in each size.

Once the items had been rung on the cash register, it said BND3.6 on the display, which confused me as I had already set aside BND2.5 for the items.

On examining the receipt, the small can was listed as BND1.6 and the medium one at BND2.

Those were huge mark-ups!

I get that businesses are trying to recover from the losses due to the pandemic, especially now that there is also inflation to deal with. But some shop owners are desperately trying to lure in customers and make a quick buck, including false advertising of price.

I hope to see the authorities clamp down harder on this fraudulent practice.

Residential Victim