Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Electricity bill based on estimated usage?

We would like to call on the authority to take a serious look at the current practice of using estimated power usage to determine...

All about nature journalling

James Solomon ANN/THE STAR - Perhaps travel doesn’t mean going somewhere new each time. Perhaps travel means going back to that one place over and...

Public transportation should be the way of life

Now that pay day is just around the corner, there is a sense of dread that all commercial areas will be jammed packed with...

Call to make sure school bus drivers put students’ safety first

On my way to work recently, I was horrified to see a group of students attempt to cross a busy road to get to...

Why are kindergarten kids assigned homework?

I would like to pose the question to the authority as to why schools give homework to children between the age of five and...

Air-conditioners in schools needed to beat the heat

I would like to call on the authorities to ensure all primary schools across the country have air-conditioning amid the current heatwave. As a teacher...

Tailgating is not acceptable

I would like to call on tailgaters to stop believing that it is an acceptable way to drive. Despite so many public calls to end...