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Saturday, August 20, 2022
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Saturday, August 20, 2022
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    All set for a giant leap

    Rokiah Mahmud

    Some 207 students at Politeknik Brunei (PB) and Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) signed the conditional offer of employment (COE) from Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd, to gain skills required in the industrial sector.

    The signing ceremony at the International Convention Centre in Berakas on June 15 saw representatives signing the agreement on behalf of 176 students from PB and 31 from IBTE.
    The COE covers eight programmes – Diploma in Laboratory Technology, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Equipment Technology, Power Plant and Power System, Storage and Transport Technology, Thermal Power Plant Technology, Water Treatment Technology, and Control and Automation Engineering.

    In an interview with the Bulletin during the signing ceremony, students expressed gratitude for the conditional offer and the opportunity to work for Hengyi after their studies.

    Dayangku Avril binti Pengiran Md Roslan, an academic programme student in laboratory technology at PB said the programme provides her with an opportunity to excel in her chosen career path by further developing her skills for present and future undertakings.

    Dayangku Avril hoped that once she completes her studies, she will be fully-prepared and equipped with skills and expertise when she joins Hengyi.

    Dayangku Avril binti Pengiran Md Roslan; and Muhammad Muqri bin Ansyura. PHOTOS: ROKIAH MAHMUD
    Nurrahiim bin Raziman; and Lim Chun Wei

    Muhammad Muqri bin Ansyura from IBTE Jefri Bolkiah Campus, Kuala Belait, said the offer to be part of the Hengyi team is an opportunity that needs to be fully utilised.

    The control and automation engineering student said with determination and hardwork, the programme could be a stepping stone in advancing his career in the future.

    Meanwhile, Nurrahiim bin Raziman, who study thermal power plant technology, said the programme is the first of its kind on offer.

    He hoped the experience and knowledge gained will enable him to adapt to the new world.

    He also called on more youth to join the programme to decrease the industry’s skill gap.

    PB student Lim Chun Wei, following the water treatment technology programme, expressed excitement for being granted the opportunity to explore and acquire knowledge, particularly in the oil and gas industry.

    Lim added that during the programme, he learnt how to test water quality and standards, and conducted study visits to the Kargu Plant in Labi.

    Hengyi Industries Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Zou Hui said the event marked another milestone for Hengyi Industries in its contribution to Brunei Darussalam.

    “Last year, we signed a memorandum of understanding with PB to kick off the academic programmes, including an additional programme with IBTE. The programmes are tailored for Hengyi’s petrochemical and refinery operations.

    “Hengyi is delighted to award the COE to PB and IBTE students,” she said.

    According to the deputy CEO, the Higher National Diploma (HND) programme will be conducted for three years, comprising a two-year academic programme and a one year industrial placement.

    After completing the diploma, the graduates will be provided full-time employment at Hengyi Industries.

    “This shows that we are committed to developing the local talent, and ultimately to build a competent local workforce.

    “We are proud to share that these programmes have already started. The students will begin their industrial placement with Hengyi in July 2023,” she said.

    She added that Hengyi will expand their Petrochemical and Refinery Complex.

    In line with the directives from the Brunei Government, Hengyi will continue to create spin-off opportunities for local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and generate employment opportunities, directly or indirectly.

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