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Youth association celebrates Israk Mikraj

Kampong Lambak Youth Association (PERBEKAL) held a religious gathering to celebrate Israk Mikraj at a restaurant in Kampong Sungai Akar on Sunday.

President of PERBEKAL Pengiran Haji Nordin bin Pengiran Haji Mahmud was the guest of honour.

The event began with the recitation of Surah Al-Isra, followed by a Tausyeh performance and talks by executive committee members.

Chairperson Pengiran Jofri bin Pengiran Haji Zaidi, who is Acting Penghulu of Mukim Berakas ‘B’, also delivered remarks.

Deputy President Pengiran Haji Mahari bin Pengiran Haji Md Tahir; Vice President I and Chairperson of Women’s Bureau Siti Seriana binti Haji Mohd Yusof and Vice President II and Chairperson of Men’s Bureau Pengiran Abdul Aziz bin Pengiran Haji Md Tahir were also present.

The ceremony concluded with Dikir Marhaban and Doa Selamat. – Lyna Mohamad

PERBEKAL members in a group photo. PHOTO: PERBEKAL