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Monday, December 4, 2023
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Brunei Town

Youngsters get tips on giving presentations

CfBT’s ‘Talk like Ted’ mini programme recently saw young learners at CfBT’s Training and Learning Centre pick up tricks and tips in making great presentations.

The week culminated in presentations from all students, some as young as seven, with prizes and awards for the most engaging.

Director of Studies at CfBT Jessica Tieng said, “The mini ‘Talk like Ted’ programme has been a great challenge for teachers and young students alike, but it has also been really rewarding and the students have grown tremendously in confidence and ability.

“The fact that seven-year-olds are confident enough to present in front of a room full of adult strangers is worth celebrating.

“That these children not only did that but used newly learnt techniques around use of voice, body language and rhetoric has made this short programme a real highlight of the year.”

CfBT’s Head of Training and Learning Rob Tunnell, Director of Studies at CfBT Jessica Tieng, teacher Lee McGlynn in a group photo with ‘Best Presentation’ winners Lim Ren Jun, Tan Nye Yang and Md Itqaan Aiman Syahmi bin Haji Ismail. PHOTO: CFBT

The programme focusses not strictly on the substance of the presentation itself but on the way it is presented.

Learners learnt techniques and tools to make their presentations more engaging, impactful and memorable for the audience.

Head of Training and Learning Rob Tunnell said, “Presenting is no longer a nice extra but an expected part of a young person’s workplace ability.

“Working with these children is a great foundation for their future and it has been amazing to see the growth in their development in such a short space of time.”

Jessica Tieng added, “This is the first time we have run this course for children and we were hesitant at first. But the proof is in the pudding and we will be running this holiday programme again later next year.

“It really fits in well with our ethos and core cornerstones of developing children’s language confidence as well  as ability.”


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