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World’s tallest bull

NDTV – The Guinness World Records (GWR) has officially recognised Romeo, a six-year-old Holstein Steer, as the world’s tallest. Residing in an animal sanctuary in Oregon, Romeo stands at an impressive height of six feet and 4.5 inches.

As per GWR, the steer has surpassed the previous record holder Tommy by over three inches. Notably, “steer” refers to bull and calves that have been neutered and primarily raised for beef in countries like the United States. Despite his huge demeanour, Romeo has been described as a “gentle giant” and a “big softie” by his owner, Misty Moore.

According to GWR, Romeo loves to eat, especially apples and bananas. He consumes a whopping 45 kilogrammes of hay each day, along with extra grain and treats. His size also requires special transportation and taller shelters to ensure his comfort.

Romeo was just 10 days old when he was rescued from being slaughtered. “We received a call from someone who had rescued him from the harsh reality of a dairy farm, where his fate was sealed to a veal crate,” Romeo’s owner, Misty Moore told the organisation. “You see, in the dairy industry, male calves like Romeo are often deemed as mere byproducts, their destinies predetermined by profit margins,” she explained. 

But fate had a different plan for Romeo. Speaking to GWR, Moore recalled when Romeo was rescued, her team “could tell that he was longing for a fulfilled life”. So, the sanctuary welcomed the steer “with open arms and boundless love”. “It became our mission to grant him that life – a life filled with safety, compassion and unwavering affection,” Moore said.

Further, Moore described Romeo as a symbol of resilience and a beacon of hope. “Romeo earned his name due to his deep affinity for love,” she told the organisation. “Additionally, his striking combination of handsomeness, intelligence and sensitivity made the name an ideal fit,” she added. 

Being as big as Romeo also comes with some challenges. “Regular animal hospitals might not have the equipment to handle him, which can make it tricky to give him the help he needs in emergencies,” Moore said. “To keep up with the costs, we’re always watching our pennies and getting creative with fundraisers to cover Romeo’s hefty grocery bill,” she added.