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World’s oldest fitness instructor named

UPI – An 81-year-old man from Texas, Tim Minnick, has earned the title of the world’s oldest fitness instructor.

He obtained his personal training certification at the age of 73 and now leads multiple classes daily at Gold’s Gym in Austin.

Minnick took the Guinness World Records title from 65-year-old Wendy Ida of California.

After receiving his certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Minnick started teaching to stay active following his wife’s passing. He aims to make a positive impact and contributes to his students’ fitness journeys, which include individuals of all ages, with the oldest being 95.

“We start losing muscle when we’re 35 years old or so. Unless you act to keep that going, by the time you get to 75, you’re not in good shape,” he said.

“It’s just like buying an insurance policy, in my opinion – Insurance against failing as you get older.”

An image taken from a video shows Tim Minnic on an exercise machine. PHOTO: GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS
Photos show Tim during his fitness classes. PHOTO: GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS