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Workshop on perfecting prayers

Adib Noor

Sixty individuals attended the first day of a workshop on the importance of performing prayers (Solat) properly at the Religious Activity Centre in Kampong Bebuloh yesterday.

Organised by the Ministry of Religious Affairs’ (MoRA) Islamic Syiar Development Division, the workshop, Kesempurnaan Sembahyang, will be held again today and tomorrow at different locations.

Senior Religious Education Officer at the Islamic Syiar Development Division Hassan Baha bin Haji Umar said the workshop focusses on perfecting the techniques of wudhu and tayammum, the theory and practice of prayers and the refinement of reciting Surah Al-Fatihah.

Methods and proper techniques for managing the deceased and funerals were also held.

“The workshop also provides the ministry with an opportunity to socialise and conduct activities for residents,” Hassan Baha said.

Pengiran Haji Mohd Hafizuddin bin Pengiran Haji Bakar@Mokti facilitated the workshop for male participants, while Hajah Sinega binti Haji Swadi for female participants.

The workshop continues today at Kampong Selapon Dakwah Post in Temburong District.

The final day will be held tomorrow at Bintudoh Greenspring, Kampong Lamunin in Tutong District.

The workshop in progress. PHOTO: ADIB NOOR