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Wild boars prime suspects behind disturbed Terunjing graves

Fadley Faisal

A viral video circulating on social media yesterday showed grave sites at Terunjing Muslim Cemetery with disturbed soil.

Accompanying texts revealed a person made the discovery on Tuesday. The person is attempting to contact family members of the affected graves.

A resident from the neighbourhood told the Bulletin that the disturbed soil may be the work of wild boars inhabiting the area as it has allegedly happened before.

Among comments made by the public was that the authorities should take action to avoid such incidents and also urged cemetery visitors to close the gates upon entering or leaving the cemetery.

An individual said, “The authorities should put up a barrier with gates that is easy for visitors to open and close while also keeping animals away from the cemetery grounds.”

Another person said Brunei has a low crime-rate with few petty crimes and thus grave robbers or body snatchings are highly unlikely.

The Bulletin contacted the Ministry of Religious Affairs and a spokeperson confirmed receiving complaints regarding the incident adding that an investigation has been launched.

A screenshot from a viral video shows disturbed soil on a few graves