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Well-being of inmates is top priority: Indonesian ambassador

Indonesian Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam Achmad Ubaedillah said visiting Indonesian citizens in prison are a priority for the Indonesian Embassy in Brunei Darussalam to protect Indonesian citizens experiencing legal problems in the country.

This includes ensuring that Indonesian citizens obtain their rights, are accompanied by a lawyer and are treated fairly in accordance with the laws, the ambassador said during a visit to the Maraburong Prison on Wednesday.

The ambassador also emphasised the commitment of the Indonesian Embassy in Brunei Darussalam to Indonesian citizens.

He addressed 29 Indonesian citizens serving prison sentences in the country.

The inmates are from the regions of Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Indonesian Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam Achmad Ubaedillah during his visit to the Maraburong Prison.

The Indonesian ambassador met the prisoners at Maraburong Prison Phase 1 sentenced to seven or more years and at Maraburong Prison Phase 3 for sentences under seven years.

Ubaedillah advised Indonesian citizens serving their sentences to maintain their health, stay positive, maintain unity and integrity and respect the laws and regulations in the Sultanate, including the prison authorities’ regulations.

Ubaedillah also emphasised the protection of Indonesian citizens serving prison sentences during a meeting with Prison Department Acting Chief Executive Officer Haji Bahrin bin Haji M Yassin prior to meeting with the Indonesian citizens.

He also expressed gratitude for treating the Indonesian prisoners well, and providing basic rights such as health, food, worship and religious learning.

The Indonesian Embassy also provided basic items such as towels, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and religious books including Al-Quran to the Indonesian inmates.

The Indonesian inmates in Maraburong Prison expressed gratitude to the ambassador for visiting them and said their communication with their families through letters facilitated by the Indonesian Embassy and the prison has been smooth.

The Indonesian Embassy in Brunei Darussalam also accommodates the formation of a WhatsApp Group with Indonesian family members for the information on the condition of the inmates and the development of their cases. – Lyna Mohamad