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Wee hour collision claims woman’s life

James Kon

A 53-year-old local woman lost her life in a road accident along Bukit Saeh in Jalan Lumapas in the wee hours of yesterday.

Six victims were involved in the collision between a hatchback and a sedan vehicle, with the woman being a passenger.

The Kampong Ayer Police Station of the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) received a distress call at 12.42am via the police hotline 993, the RBPF said.

Initial investigations suggest that a passenger had been knocked unconscious from the impact of the collision.

The victim had suffered serious injuries to the head, hand and back.

The others are in stable condition.

Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) personnel assisted in helping to extract the victims trapped in the mangled hatchback by using special equipment to pry open the door of the vehicle.

According to the FRD, DSO Maidin bin Haji Idris led 12 firefighters to the scene.

The RBPF is investigating the cause of the accident.

Motorists are reminded to remain alert while behind the wheel, adhere to speed limit, buckle up, be courteous with other road users, and to refrain from driving if on medication that induces drowsiness.

Firefighters work to free the victims from the wreckage. PHOTO: FRD