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Wealth a blessing not to be wasted, say Imams

Azlan Othman

The religious authorities called on Muslims to change their attitude towards financial management by reviewing their personal finances and self-reflecting on their expenditure and lifestyle.

Imams in the Friday sermon yesterday reminded Muslims to refrain from spending beyond their means or adapt an extravagant lifestyle, to reduce expenditures that are not essential, and to save for the future.

“We should not burden ourselves with debts especially by acquiring items that are not necessary or beneficial.

“We should instead nurture the habit of saving in preparation for unforeseen circumstances, such as an emergency,” said the Imams.

The Imams added, “Allah the Almighty bestows us with countless blessings such as health, peace, prosperity and wealth. However, such blessings make us complacent and forget Allah the Almighty. Hence Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) reminded us to make use of such blessings in the best way we can.”

Among the blessings is wealth, which is a trust from Allah the Almighty that needs to be optimally utilised. Wealth should not be wasted to the extent that it leads to wastage, abuse of power and corruption.

“Hence, it is paramount that people manage their wealth wisely by having a savings culture, paying tithe, giving alms and distributing wealth to heirs. People cannot avoid facing financial constraints. Hence proper management of wealth will help us in the long run,” said the Imams.

They also said Islam teaches its followers to manage wealth and expenses wisely, spend moderately and not to be extravagant, which could invite problems like excessive debt and wastage. Wise and modest spending can control and avoid wastage, they said.

The Imams said, “Spending our wealth is not wrong but it should be confined to one’s capability and not to satisfy our wants and lust.

“Such a bad attitude must be avoided before it becomes habitual. Those who waste are friends of Satan who loves those who spend lavishly.

“As Muslims, we must spend our sustenance according to Islam. If we spend our wealth wisely, it can strengthen our family, community and the nation’s economy for a better future. Let us pray for Allah the Almighty to shower us with wealth and everlasting blessings for security and happiness at present and in the hereafter.”