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We are closely monitoring water supply issues: JKR

We would like to respond to the letter, ‘No end to poor water quality’, published in the Opinion page of the Bulletin on February 2.

Firstly, we appreciate the writer for bringing the issue to our attention, and would like to draw attention of the writer residing in the affected area that the Public Works Department (JKR) is closely monitoring the situation, and continuously making efforts to ensure potable quality water.

The department would like reassure the writer and all affected that the agency remains very committed in its plans to improve the situation and has implemented various short-, medium- and long-term action plans and measures, such as:

– The construction of Bukit Barun Water Treatment Plant, which is currently in Stage 8;

– Replacing and upgrading old pipeworks;

– Ongoing preventive maintenance works, such as routing flushing of affected pipelines;

– Phase 2 of Bukit Barun refurbishment works, aimed at improving the overall water quality.

In addition, water supply to Jalan Batu Bersurat and its surrounding areas was also affected by the recent power disruption to the main Gadong water booster pump, which was announced in a press statement on January 30.

The department has in place a long-term water quality masterplan to address the issue of coloured water, including frequent monitoring of the water quality at affected areas.

The department deeply regrets the unfortunate circumstances and thanks the writer and all affected for their understanding and patience.

Public Relations Unit,
Public Works Department,
Ministry of Development