Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Brunei Town

Water supply disruptions in several mukims

Some areas in the Brunei-Muara District including Mukim Lumapas, Mukim Kota Batu, parts of Mukim Berakas and RPN Kampong Lambak Kanan may experience water supply disruption.

The quality of raw water from Sungai Tutong has been inconsistent, resulting in darker colouration than normal due to an increase in the organic and sand particles that flow into the river through the surface run-off. This has affected the production of clean water supply at the Bukit Barun Water Treatment Plant and the main tank in Kiarong that supplies water to areas in Kota Batu, Subok and Lumapas.

However, the Public Works Department (JKR) has increased its efforts in dealing with the coloured water through operational measures such as monitoring the quality of raw and processed water every two hours at the water treatment plant; daily monitoring of the quality of water from the reserved tanks and the pipe network; coordinating the dosage of chemical products in accordance with the current raw water quality; and ensuring all filtered tanks, clearance ponds, chemical doses, pumps and the like at the water treatment plant are functioning well.

JKR has also placed blue water tanks in Kampong Lumapas at Simpang 665-15 Jalan Mambarong; No 71 Jalan Kecil Pawas; Lumapas Post Office; and Simpang 46-12 STKRJ Kampong Lumapas.

Kampong Subok residents can access the blue water tanks at Tasik Sarubing Recreational Park and Kampong Belimbing Mosque.

Members of the public are also advised to fill containers with clean water and those who have access to water tanks and water filter system are urged to ensure that their equipment are well-maintained by conducting regular ‘flushing’ and ‘backwashing’.