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Walking towards ‘long time in the making’ goal

With the 40th National Day just around the corner, one individual has taken on the challenge of completing a 400-kilometre (km) solo walk across the four districts as part of the ‘Program Ekspedisi Solo Jelajah Negara Brunei Darussalam’.

With the aid from the Challenge, Adventure, Recreation and Educate (CARE) Association, 47-year-old Zulkefli bin Abdullah Yumbah started his solo walk at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium on Monday, as he set out to walk to all four districts.

The Bulletin caught up with Zulkefli, along with his support team during his arrival in the Belait District yesterday.

“The expedition is a long time in the making, as this year we are celebrating Brunei’s 40th National Day,” Zulkefli said.

He added, “My friends and I thought it might be fitting to take part in a 400km solo walk across four districts, while showcasing Brunei’s natural beauty when one takes the time to slow down and appreciate it.”

ABOVE & BELOW: Photos show Zulkefli bin Abdullah Yumbah and his support team during the expedition. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM

Zulkefli had previously participated in a similar expedition to three districts from Kuala Belait to Pantai Muara in 2016, while he also completed an expedition across four districts, from Belait to Temburong in 2019.

Recalling the trials of the expedition, he noted that the first few days were challenging as he had to kayak to Temburong.

“The strong winds and current were a challenge. There were many times we were nearly swept away. Even when I completed the kayaking section, I was still not sure if I could complete the expedition.”

Determined, he continued his expedition to Tutong which also posed a challenge as the scorching heat meant that he had to frequently stop to rest.

Meanwhile, he took the opportunity to express his gratitude to his family, friends and supporters, who constantly cheered him on during the expedition.

“At the start, especially when I was kayaking, it was difficult not only physically but mentally as well.

“But after that, I received encouragement and support from friends and family through social media and text messages, which helped raise my morale,” he said.

While a light rainfall occurred when he arrived in Belait, he said it was beneficial as the cloud provided much-needed shelter while the rain cooled him down enough to spur him on.

“Insya Allah, if things go according to plan, I hope to attend the flag-raising ceremony at the Menara Cendera Kenangan today in marking the start of the 40th National Day celebration.”

Zulkefli and his support team will return to the Brunei-Muara District on February 23, in hopes of joining the grand assembly.

“If all goes well, I hope to join the 40th National Day grand assembly, which also serves as the finish line for the expedition,” he said. – Daniel Lim