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Vendors grateful as Bandarku Ceria re-opens

Lyna Mohamad

Vendors were enthralled after the Bandarku Ceria (BKC) programme was allowed to resume under the Endemic Phase.

Since its commencement years ago, the weekly BKC has been a source of income for many.

Some were affected after its closure due to the onset of COVID-19 pandemic.

In the Endemic Phase, stall operators had been instructed to set up their stalls at the parking area next to the Royal Regalia Museum.

Long-time vendor Mohd Kashren bin Haji Ahmad is grateful for the programme’s resumption. However, he admitted that the relocation order is difficult to adapt to.

“Before the second wave outbreak, I used to set up my stall at Jalan Roberts as it was convenient for me to load and unload goods, especially if it rains suddenly,” he said.

Mohd Kashren leaves his home in Kampong Bunut after Subuh prayer, and he hoped that the relocation will be able to draw a good crowd.

ABOVE & BELOW: Assistant Municipal Officer Grade II Ahmad Saufi bin Haji Md Yussof; Mohd Kashren bin Haji Ahmad; and Siti Rahmah binti Shahdan speak to the Bulletin. PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR

Visitors look through items sold at the Bandarku Ceria programme

Siti Rahmah binti Shahdan from Kampong Meragang also echoed the same views on the issue of loading and unloading of goods.

“We have to leave (home) right after the movement restriction order ends at 4am, and drive straight here to give us ample time for unloading and setting up. With only two persons allowed for each stall, we had to work as quickly as possible,” she said.

Siti Rahmah has been participating in the BKC programme for over two years selling grilled food. After learning of the resumption, she made preparations days before Sunday, especially marinating the food and taking swab tests.

“There is not much crowd compared to when we had stalls at Jalan Pretty, but we believe in Allah the Almighty, and Insya Allah we are positive that more will come by. After all, the relocation is just temporary,” she said.

Assistant Municipal Officer Grade II Ahmad Saufi bin Haji Md Yussof said the temporary relocation of stalls is to ensure stall operators and visitors alike adhere to the standard operating procedures set under the Endemic Phase, including scanning the BruHealth QR code and body temperature check.

Stalls are divided into blocks A and B. The Municipal Department will set up block C if public response is encouraging.

BKC programme stall vendors are required to take their swab test with certification two days before the event and must be shown to the officer-in-charge during their registration.

Registrations are conducted weekly to give opportunities for more vendors to participate.

“If stall operators fail to produce the swab result certificate, we will not allow them to participate regardless if they are double vaccinated or not. Only two people are allowed to manage each stall,” the officer said.