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Utility worker finds 40-year-old letters stashed in rabbit hole

UPI – A utility worker in Britain is trying to solve a mystery after he found three letters dating back more than 40 years stashed in a rabbit hole.

Sean Kennedy, a gas lead engineer, was at a work site in Hales, Norfolk, when he discovered the letters at the bottom of a rabbit hole at the intersection of A146 and Readscross Lane.

Kennedy said all of the letters were sent to a “Miss Jane” in York and are dated from 1976 and 1982.

“You find the odd funny thing, but the majority is rubbish – this threw me,” Kennedy told the BBC.

“I saw one of the handwritten letters on top and thought, ‘This is strange’, so picked it out and there were two below that.”

Kennedy said the letters didn’t show any signs of being damaged by a rabbit or other animal, leading him to believe they were placed by a person. He said he does not know why the letters would be hidden.

“There was nothing scandalous, just ordinary letters,” he said.

Kennedy said he could not make out the name of the sender, but the letters appeared to be simple “catch-ups” between a person and an elderly relative.

He spread photos of the letters on social media in the hopes of finding the original sender, recipient or family members.