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USD2.4M to be paid to man shot in eye during Floyd protests

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – A Minneapolis man who lost an eye when he was hit by a projectile fired by police during protests that followed George Floyd’s killing will get a USD2.4 million settlement.

Soren Stevenson, 27, was in a large group of people standing in a grassy area near an interstate on-ramp when he was hit by a 40 mm projectile on May 31, 2020.

Stevenson told reporters in an interview at his attorneys’ offices he believed a SWAT officer fired directly at his face.

“I did not riot, I did not vandalise, I caused no damage to people or property, did not even disobey police orders,” Stevenson said. He now wears an eye patch over a prosthetic eye.

“It took me a long time to get a job even though I was well qualified because it’s pretty hard to look at a computer screen with one eye after having two,” Stevenson said. “Merging left onto the freeway is an extremely dangerous task that I do frequently.”

The city did not admit liability in the case.