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US Space Force sends team for command post in Japan

WASHINGTON (ANN/THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN) – The US military has reportedly began its plan in establishing a command post for its Space Force in Japan, aimed at enhancing cooperation with allied countries in the domain of space.

It also serves to strengthen cooperation between Japan and the United States in response to China’s expanding military use of space and North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons and missiles.

According to the online edition of Stars and Stripes, the quasi-official newspaper of the US military, the establishment of this new command post is part of the US military’s efforts to enhance cooperation with allied countries in the domain of space. Activities in Japan have reportedly already begun with a small team.

The Space Force and Japan’s Air Self-Defence Force held their first-ever space domain discussions at Yokota Air Base in Tokyo in July.

Last year in November the US military established the Indo-Pacific Space Force under its Indo-Pacific Command in Hawaii. A month later, the United States also created a Space Force unit within the US forces stationed in South Korea.

During the Japan-US-South Korea summit held in the United States last month, the three nations agreed to promote dialogue on space security. The establishment of this new command post shows their intention to further strengthen trilateral cooperation.

The inauguration ceremony of the US Space Forces Korea is held at Osan Air Base in South Korea on December 14, 2022. PHOTO: ANN/THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN
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