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UNN selects Juniper Networks to modernise infrastructure

Azlan Othman

Unified National Networks (UNN) has chosen Juniper Networks (Juniper) to upgrade UNN’s network infrastructure, according to a company statement yesterday.

The partnership will bolster UNN’s efforts to create a modernised and efficient telecommunication backbone that will support the government’s five-year plan for transforming the country into a smart nation, said the statement from Juniper.

“With digital transformation being a key strategic imperative of the government as it looks to build a future-ready society and to further fuel economic growth, UNN’s advancement is crucial to Brunei’s digital and economic success,” said the company.

“The consolidation has allowed UNN to modernise and protect Brunei’s networking infrastructure, allowing them to better deliver highly resilient and quality services across the entire nation.”

UNN CEO Dr Steffen Oehler said, “The potential for Brunei is limitless. As the country moves towards becoming a smart nation, it is crucial that we constantly modernise our systems with industry-leading solutions that will help us provide reliable, secure and stable telecommunications services across Brunei.

“As our trusted partner, we are confident that Juniper Networks will continue to support us with the best practices and innovations.”

Meanwhile Juniper Networks Senior Director Perry Sui said, “Juniper Networks is honoured to partner with UNN and support them in creating modern and cost-efficient digital platforms across Brunei.

“We are committed to supporting UNN’s role in bringing Brunei’s Smart Nation vision to life through our experience-first networking approach, which will deliver high-speed connectivity to accelerate the development and opportunities for its connected society.”

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