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University places emphasis on future scholars

Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA) organised an informal study programme, dubbed the talaqqi learning system, aiming to produce experts in various Islamic disciplines emulating the Islamic scholars (Ulama) system.

The programme is open to students and the public. Participation is free.

The programme, in addition, aspires to revive learning systems practised in the era of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the companions, the Tabi’in and subsequent renowned Islamic scholars.

In line with UNISSA’s vision of producing graduate experts in Islamic studies, the Faculty of Usuluddin at UNISSA is placing emphasis on continuing the legacy of Islamic scholars across multiple eras and civilisations.

In addition, the programme is part of the initiatives by the university to popularise the study of Kitab Turath as the core and foundation of Islamic studies.

To start, the Talaqqi Kitab Turath programme was offered from the first semester of 2023/2024 and was named Balai Talaqqi.

The programme commenced with two kitab (books) coordinated by Assistant Professor Dr Ahmad Baha bin Mokhtar and UNISSA alumni and accredited Brunei Islamic Religious Council (MUIB) Da’ie Ahmad Ahyad bin Haji Amynoor.

The Balai Talaqqi programme encourages students to complete at least two books each semester and be able to teach the next generation through training and guidance.

Daurah Tasawwuf is scheduled to be held every Tuesday night, 7-9pm at UNISSA’s campus, while Daurah Aqidah will be held every Friday from 7-9pm on campus. Both studies will take around four months to complete, equivalent to one semester. – Rokiah Mahmud

ABOVE & BELOW: A participant during the programme; and the Daurah Aqidah lesson in session. PHOTO: UNISSA
Participants during the programme. PHOTO: UNISSA