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Unauthorised wood factory ceases operations

An unauthorised wood factory in Kampong Kilanas, Mukim Kilanas was ordered by the Planning Authority to cease all activities and its building extensions torn down for violating Section 23 (2), Town and Country Planning Order (TCPO) 2015 for conducting industrial work and constructing extensions without permission.

The factory was operated on a residential land that is unsuitable for industrial purposes.

The illegal extension is built within building lines and used as wood work that is unorganised  and hazardous.

Upon routine monitoring and inspection on November 2022, the landowner complied with the planning authority’s order to discontinue the activities, demolish the illegal extensions and clean up the area.

The public is reminded to comply with the planning laws, in particular Section 23 of the TCPO, which states that no person shall carry out the development, subdivision or consolidation of any land or carry out any work in a conservation area without permission from the planning authority.

Failure to comply is an offence liable to a fine no more than BND200,000 and in the case of continuing, a further fine no more than BND10,000 for every day during which the offence continues after conviction. For complaints and planning advice, the public can contact the Department of Town and Country Planning hotline at 8200222.

The unauthorised wood factory at Kampong Kilanas. PHOTO: DEPARTMENT OF TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING

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