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Two years jail for thieving security guard

Muhammad Noor Azim bin Samrey, a local working as a security guard, was sentenced to two years’ jail after he pleaded guilty to theft from an apartment building he was assigned to.

Prosecutor Abdul Musawwir bin Haji Awang Mahli said the defendant was assigned to an apartment building in Kuala Belait.

On October 13, after finishing his shift, instead of going home, he took a key to an apartment room from the guest reception area and went to search for valuables.

The defendant found some cash from a bundle of clothes inside the bedroom of the unit, and after counting, discovered BND7,000 and USD2,000 in total. He quickly fled the scene.

The tenant reported the missing cash to the building management, and discovered through CCTV footage that the defendant had entered the apartment unit at the time.

The police were then alerted, which subsequently led to the defendant’s arrest.

Muhammad Noor Azim said the money was used to pay some of his debt as well as a shopping spree in Miri, Malaysia.

Authorities recovered BND1,800 and seized clothing and shoes which were bought using the stolen cash.

On sentencing, Senior Magistrate Harnita Zelda Skinner noted the victim’s substantial loss, the defendant’s breach of trust and the need for deterrence of such offences. – Fadley Faisal