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Two retail stores slapped with fines for violating Price Control Act

Rokiah Mahmud

The Department of Economic Planning and Statistics (DEPS) at the Ministry of Finance and Economy (MoFE) issued compound fines to two retail stores for violating the Price Control Act.

The retail stores were issued BND500 each for displaying the price of goods inconsistent with the actual price consumers had to pay upon checkout and the failure to display the price tag of milk formula sold at the premises, violating Section 5 of the Display of Price Order, said the department.

In November 2022, nine commercial companies were issued warning notices for violating Chapter 142 of the Price Control Act for selling goods above the maximum price for cooking oil and failure to adhere to the price tag display regulation.

Businesses are advised to comply with Chapter 142 of the Price Control Act and be mindful of ensuring fair and ethical practices to help develop a sustainable business environment.

Businesses are also urged to use the PenggunaBijak app to obtain details on Chapter 142 of the Price Control Act and file official complaints regarding unfair business practices by attaching supporting documents such as payment receipts and photos as evidence.

DEPS can also be reached via Darussalam Line 123 or email to

ABOVE & BELOW: Officers inspecting products displayed at a retail store. PHOTOS: DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC PLANNING AND STATISTICS, MOFE

Some poducts found without proper price tags