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Police hunt hit-and-run suspect in Seria incident

Two individuals, believed to be a mother and her child, sustained injuries following an alleged hit-and-run incident on Wednesday afternoon at a zebra crossing in Seria town, Belait District, the police said. 

This photo circulating on Whatsapp shows the boy, along with a woman believed to be his mother, attended by members of the public after being hit by a van on the zebra crossing in Seria Town, Belait District on Wednesday.

The Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) is urging eyewitnesses of the incident or those with information to call the police as they are still on a hunt for the suspect of the alleged hit-and-run incident.  

A viral message, along with photos of the injured woman and boy at the zebra crossing with some members of the public attending to them while waiting for authorities to arrive claimed that a vehicle failed to stop at the zebra crossing, hitting the pair, and sped-off.

Both victims are reportedly in a stable condition.


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