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Two locals fined for trespassing into safety zones

The Magistrate’s Court yesterday ordered two locals to settle a BND5,000 fine each after they pleaded guilty to trespassing into safety zones at sea.

Fifty-four year-old government servant Zamri bin Haji Md Yusof/Mat Yusof and 39-year-old fisherman Mohammad Asrol bin Sidua would have to serve five months’ jail in default of payment of their fines.

Magistrate Nur Eleana binti Dato Seri Paduka Haji Hairol Arni heard from Prosecutor Syazwani binti Jumat that the duo were apprehended on two separate occasions, but on the same day on December 7, 2022.

It was a joint party of patrolling personnel who first spotted Zamri in a fibre glass boat within 500 metres of a safety zone of an offshore installation at 11.10am.

The patrolling party approached the defendant’s boat, boarded it and found catch along with fishing equipment. The defendant also brought along his two children.


The boat was then escorted to Muara Marine Police Sub-Base where investigations were conducted.

Zamri said he entered the area as he knew there were many fish.

Magistrate Nur Eleana said that Zamri has no reason to breach the restricted area for his financial gains. Meanwhile, Mohammad Asrol was spotted with his wife and son in a fibreglass boat at AMPA offshore installation the same morning by the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, using Unmanned Aerial Surveillance Drone.

The personnel relayed the information to the Marine Police who immediately dispatched a team from Kampong Kuala Tutong.

The Marine Police found the defendant, approached his boat and boarded it.

They found catch and fishing equipment.

They escorted the defendant to Kampong Kuala Tutong and then brought to Muara Marine Police Sub-Base for investigations. – Fadley Faisal