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Two brothers embrace Islam

Daniel Lim

Suhaimi anak Sulau, 26, and Roziman anak Sulau, 25, converted to Islam in a ceremony in Kampong Panaga, Mukim Seria on Saturday.

The Syahadah was recited in the presence of religious officer Abdul Khaliq bin Kamree.

Suhaimi anak Sulau took the Muslim name Muhammad Helmi Wafiy bin Muhammad Ammar Naim, while Roziman anak Sulau took the Muslim name Muhammad Roziman Al-Hadi bin Muhammad Ammar Naim.

Assistant Head of the Belait District Dakwah Unit Nurhuwaina binti Mamud witnessed the conversion ceremony.

The event began with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah, followed with the presen-tation of souvenirs by the guest of honour.

A Dikir Marhaban further enlivened the event.

A total of 33 individuals have embraced the Islamic faith in the Belait District so far, 13 of whom were from the Iban community, 11 Dusuns, four Chinese, four Filipinos and one Indian national.

Suhaimi anak Sulau and Roziman anak Sulau during the conversion ceremony. PHOTO: BELAIT DISTRICT DAKWAH UNIT