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Twin power

Entrepreneurial success takes vision, resilience and courage to dream big

Starting a business is like stepping into the Wild West: it can be a thrilling adventure, but it also comes with risks and uncertainties. Much like the pioneers who ventured into uncharted territory, entrepreneurs navigate through unknown landscapes, where the rules are not always clear, and the path forward is often unmarked.

On one hand, entering the business world can be daunting, with potential hazards lurking at every turn. Just as cowboys faced bandits and unpredictable weather, entrepreneurs face intense competition, economic downturns, and shifting market trends. It demands courage, adaptability, and resourcefulness to survive and thrive.

On the other hand, starting a business offers the opportunity to carve out your own path, just like the pioneers who settled new land and built their own towns.

Entrepreneurs have the freedom to innovate, create their own rules, and build something from scratch. It can be an exhilarating and a deeply rewarding journey that brings personal growth and fulfilment.

Both scenarios require a willingness to take risks and a strong sense of determination. Yet, the excitement of creating something new and the satisfaction of seeing it succeed make the journey worthwhile, much like the pioneers who helped shape the history of the American West. In both cases, those who succeed are the ones who are willing to face the challenges head-on and forge their own way.

Recently, there’s been a noticeable increase in young entrepreneurs deciding to start their own businesses.

These budding entrepreneurs come from diverse backgrounds, often without any formal training in business, yet they persist through the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial journey. Some stories are filled with success, while others end in failure, but that’s all part of the process when you’re venturing into the unknown.

ABOVE & BELOW: Nur Hidayatul Nazirah; and a kitchen staff. PHOTOS : LYNA MOHAMAD

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you start; the key is having a solid idea that you’re passionate about.

To succeed, you need careful planning, unwavering dedication, and the willingness to face challenges and take risks, even when it means making tough decisions. Securing funding is another critical aspect, but with determination and resilience, you can overcome obstacles and find your way.

Meet the dynamic twin sisters behind RoyalRVS, Nur Hidayatul Nazirah and Nur Hidayatul Nazurah binti Haji Mohd Hussin, who have made waves as young entrepreneurs. With a family legacy steeped in business, including the guidance of their father, the twins took a bold step into entrepreneurship, launching their own venture.

Their journey has been fuelled by the unwavering support of their family and siblings, providing a solid foundation as they navigate the ups and downs of the business world.

Despite the challenges inherent in starting a new venture, the sisters’ combined passion and family backing have been key factors in their successful outcomes. Starting in 2020 by making homemade cookies in jars under their brand, the business has expanded into a full-scale bakery factory as demand for their products grew steadily, especially during festive seasons like Hari Raya.

“As young entrepreneurs with no prior experience, we are immensely grateful to our parents and siblings for their unwavering support and encouragement, as well as others who provided the support and opportunity that helped us take our first steps in the business world,” said Nur Hidayatul Nazirah in an interview with the Bulletin.

Encouraged by the success of their initial business, the duo embarked on a new venture – opening a restaurant while retaining their brand. This strategic move not only marked an expansion into the culinary world but also reflected their broader aspirations, signalling a dynamic approach to entrepreneurship that could lead them in various directions under the same name.

Nur Hidayatul Nazirah added that beyond cookies and cakes, the quaint restaurant has provided them with the opportunity to realise their dream of owning an eatery. Her twin, Nur Hidayatul Nazurah, shared that, “Starting a business can be tough for some, but with endurance and determination, the struggle can pay off once you find your rhythm. That’s been our experience.    

“We’re still learning and have room to grow as entrepreneurs, but we’re committed to keeping a positive mind set. We won’t let any obstacles shake our determination to succeed.” Nazurah said while funding might be the primary obstacle for many aspiring entrepreneurs, the key is to focus first on refining their start-up idea and building a solid framework.

“Once they’re ready to launch, they can seek support from financial institutions and agencies that offer funding assistance, like business grants designed to help young entrepreneurs get started,” she added. Basing on their own experience, Nazirah advised young people everywhere to not shy away from taking bold steps.

“Starting a business can be daunting, but embrace the challenge and dare to dream big,” said Nazirah, further noting that it’s crucial to balance those dreams with a dose of reality – vision and practicality go hand in hand. “To discover what you’re truly capable of, listen to your heart and take that crucial first step toward entrepreneurship,” added Nazirah. – Lyna Mohamad