Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Brunei Town

Tungku Beach has potential as eco-tourism hotspot

Since the pandemic hit two years ago, we have been reminded to distance from one another. As a result, more and more of us have been spending our free time at home. It is not a healthy lifestyle; we need to enjoy fresh air once in a while.

Among the popular outdoor destinations is the beach.

Currently, major beaches are accessible to the public. However, most of them are located quite far from major towns and residential zones.

My suggestion is for the authorities to consider re-opening Tungku Beach, not before implementing best practices from other countries. The beach has the potential to be an eco-tourism destination. It would be great to see the construction of a holographic museum to serve as a learning hub for the public to learn about the oceans. To make it even more appealing, the authorities could feature a café and a hut for families to rent stools and umbrellas for the beach.

Of course, the beach will come with standard operating procedures and an online booking system to monitor the number of visitors at any given time. The proceeds from the café and museum entrance fees could go into maintaining the premises, thus sustaining the operations in the long run.

If there’s one thing that has grown apparent in this crisis, it is the need to spend more time outdoor and lead a healthy lifestyle, thus improving both physical and mental health.