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Tropical storm Dumako hits northern Madagascar; 2 missing

ANTANANARIVO, MADAGASCAR (AP) – Two people are missing and 885 have been displaced in northeastern Madagascar by tropical storm Dumako, the National Office for Disaster Management reported on Wednesday.

The storm hit Madagascar’s Soanierana Ivongo area on Tuesday at 3pm with winds of 65 kilometres per hour, gusting to 90 kilometres per hour.

Heavy rains were reported as the storm moved across the island to the Analanjirofo region.
Dumako is forecast to continue moving westward to bring winds and rain to northern Mozambique, according to meteorology offices in southern Africa.

“The winds from storm Dumako are not as strong as those from Cyclone Batsirai.

“But you have to be careful about floods and landslides which could cause deaths,” the director-general of Madagascar’s disaster management officer General Elack Andriakaja said. He said food supplies are sufficient to assist victims.

Earlier this month, Cyclone Batsirai hit eastern Madagascar, causing 121 deaths and displacing 143,000 people, according to Madagascar’s disaster management office.