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Trapped boy who died in deep well laid to rest

GHRAN, MOROCCO (AP) – Morocco on Monday buried five-year-old Rayan, a boy who was trapped in a well for five days while rescuers struggled to reach him. The strenuous operation drew global attention, and mourners sent messages of condolences from around the world.

The funeral for Rayan, who was pulled out on Saturday from a 32-metre deep dry well, was fraught with emotion, and drew relatives and others from near and far who shared their grief. As the ambulance arrived at the gravesite with the boy’s body, religious chants rose up: “Rayan is our beloved.” His father could barely walk as he approached, solemnly observing the coffin being lowered into the grave, then covered with soil and tree branches. The funeral took place after noontime prayers on Monday in Ighran, a village in Morocco’s mountainous north.

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