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Toll from missile strike on Kryvyi Rig rises to 10

KYIV (AFP) – The toll from nightime missile strikes on infrastructure including a five-storey residential building in the central Ukrainian city of Kryvyi Rig has risen to 10, officials said yesterday.

Kryvyi Rig is the birthplace of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Air raid sirens sounded across Ukraine as the capital Kyiv and the northeast city of Kharkiv also came under missile and drone attacks.

Ukraine’s air force said enemies launched 14 cruise missiles and four drones overnight, with 10 missiles and one drone intercepted.

In the morning, another missile was fired by invading forces before being shot down by the Ukrainian air defence.

“More terrorist missiles, enemy killers continue their war against residential buildings, ordinary cities and people. Unfortunately, there are dead and wounded,” Zelenskyy said on Twitter.

The wave of attacks came after Ukraine claimed to have retaken seven villages and made advances in its counter-offensive against invading forces.

Military spokesman Andriy Kovalyov said the area of the recaptured land in the eastern and southern regions amounted to “more than 100 square kilometres”.

The commander of Ukrainian ground forces, Colonel Oleksandr Syrskyi, said troops were continuing “the defence operation in the Bakhmut sector”, scene of the longest battle of the offensive. “Our soldiers are advancing, and the enemy is losing ground on the flanks.”

On Monday, Zelenskyy said Ukraine was making small gains in a “tough” counter-offensive.

Emergency workers extinguish a fire after missiles hit a multi-storey apartment building in Kryvyi Rig. PHOTO: AP