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Tiny tot unpacks big surprise on RB flight

Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) Flight BI008 from Dubai, initially flying 173 passengers, landed in Brunei Darussalam with an unexpected additional passenger yesterday.

Mrs Josoy delivered a healthy baby boy at noon time, seven weeks early.

Dr Mulfi Ibrahim Alkhinjar, a guest onboard, volunteered to assist with the delivery, alongside Cabin Service Officer Romzi bin Haji Mohamad Yusof and cabin crew Siti Nurhafizzah Metassan.

Describing the experience, Dr Alkhinjar said, “Only once it was all over did I realise I had just helped deliver a baby in the sky. I am honoured.

“Romzi was extremely organised and helpful. The RB staff seemed well-trained for these sort of situations, responding accordingly with proper measures. Their assistance ensured a smooth experience.”

Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) flight BI08 landed in Brunei Darussalam with an unexpected additional passenger yesterday. Mrs Josoy welcomed her healthy baby boy seven weeks’ early, with the help of the RB team and a doctor on board. PHOTO: RB

Meanwhile, Romzi said, “We initially thought Mrs Josoy was experiencing regular stomach pain, but when she showed us the health certificate stating she was 33 weeks’ pregnant, that was when we realised she was in labour.

“This is the second time I have assisted with a baby delivery onboard. The previous experience taught me how to get organised swiftly to handle the situation and identify a doctor onboard. Siti Nurhafizzah was very helpful in comforting the mother throughout the entire journey.”

Additionally, Acting Chief Executive Officer Captain Sabirin bin Haji Abdul Hamid said, “Our cabin crew is very well trained to handle various scenarios that may occur during a flight. I am extremely proud of the professionalism displayed by the team in handling this unique experience onboard.

“We are also extremely lucky to have Dr Mulfi Ibrahim Alkhinjar onboard the flight, who selflessly lent his expertise to assist with the baby’s delivery. We are pleased to share that both Mrs Josoy and her newborn son are in safe hands, and we wish them a speedy recovery,” he added.

RB’s policy on pregnant guests from 28-36 weeks of pregnancy requires a fit-to-fly letter from a doctor, valid for one week from the flight date.


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