Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Brunei Town

Time to confront litterbugs

We have seen countless ups and downs since the pandemic hit us in 2020. Now that we’re at the tail-end of the third wave, measures are slowly being lifted and life returning to normal.

However, I am disappointed that certain individuals use the pandemic as an excuse to ignore the law. We have been reminded by the authorities to refrain from littering as public spaces are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. Yet I have seen disposable face masks discarded in drains and car parks since the authorities began to relax the measures.

Masks are currently being sold at an exceptionally low price, which has driven certain people to useing their supplies rather carelessly. We are still no longer mandated to wear masks outdoors. But it doesn’t mean that as soon as we leave a building, we can treat the space like a giant dumping ground.

The authorities should clamp down on litterbugs; that is what is commonly said. However, I believe the more effective strategy is for the public to call these people out when they are seen committing the offence.

As Bruneians, we are not used to being confrontational. But allowing these litterbugs to run around and ruin the image of our country should be reason enough to step up to the plate and do something about it.

Clean Sweeper