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TikTok trouble

It was a TikTok video which led to the arrest of a local man, and landed him with an eight months’ jail sentence following his guilty pleas for misappropriation of property recently.

Magistrate Syaffina binti Shahif heard that 37-year-old Mohamad Syazwan bin Mohd Daud sold off two cars belonging to his fiance’s brother-in-law.

Prosecutor Radin Wafri bin Radin Sufri revealed that the owner of the two cars had asked the defendant for a favour to keep his cars at the defendant’s house, as he had no space of his own.

The defendant agreed, leading the victim to tell his nephew to send the cars over to the defendant’s house in October and December 2022. On October 7, the nephew informed his aunt that he had seen a stranger with one of the cars that he had sent over to the defendant’s house in a video posted on TikTok.

The nephew checked on the cars at the defendant’s house, only to find them missing, to which the defendant confirmed that they had been towed away by a scrap metal collector.

Doubting the defendant’s explanation, the nephew told his uncle the story, leading the victim to file a police report and the defendant arrested. Investigations revealed that the defendant had sold off the two cars for BND100 and BND850 to two buyers sometime this year. – Fadley Faisal

TikTok seen on an iPhone. PHOTO: AFP