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Thumbs-up from envoy

Malaysian High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam, Dato’ Raja Reza bin Raja Zaib Shah who had a firsthand experience test driving the Proton S70, emphasised the captivating design elements such as the Proton badge adorning the grill and the mesmerising LED power lights.

The envoy on sharing about his test drive covering approximately 70 kilometres, acknowledged Brunei’s selection as the first international market for this model by Proton Malaysia.

He highlighted the comfort and advanced features, including a comprehensive infotainment system equipped with 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, and the intricate touch lights, a reminiscent of the 12-inch display.

Impressed by the inclusion of Malaysian-inspired design elements, such as the songket sculptures, Dato’ Raja Reza lauded the high-quality material and thoughtful amenities, including multiple USB ports, wireless phone chargers, and individualised air conditioning for rear passengers.

Praising the car’s performance, Dato’ Raja Reza commended its powerful yet smooth drive and exceptional handling, even at high speed and around tight corners.

Addressing the robust safety features, including autonomous emergency braking and forward collision warning, the high commissioner acknowledged the role in promoting road discipline among drivers.

He also lauded the spacious bonnet, capable of accommodating sizeable luggage, and concluded with a thumbs up, affirming his exceeded expectations of the Proton S70’s in performance, quality, and design.

“It is a C segment car with the pricing of a B segment car,” he added.

Dato’ Raja Reza expressed his optimism for the Proton S70’s success in Brunei. – Fadley Faisal

Malaysian High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam Dato’ Raja Reza bin Raja Zaib Shah posing with the new Proton S70. PHOTO: FADLEY FAISAL
The Malaysian High Commissioner during an interview. PHOTO: FADLEY FAISAL