Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Thumbs up for improved BruHealth app feature

The BruHealth app has now become synonymous with our daily life and we are now already accustomed to do our daily self-report without fail since it is a pre-requisite to scan before entering any public premises.

As a recently recovered COVID-19 patient, I found the Home Isolation feature very useful and handy while I was in self-isolation. Once you are confirmed positive after uploading your antigen rapid test (ART) result, your code will automatically turn to purple and BruHealth will automatically configure a 10-day Home Isolation End Date calendar to monitor your health condition on a daily basis. It even has a ‘swab icon’ as a reminder for you to conduct an ART test on the fifth day of home isolation.

Having COVID-19 is a no-fun experience but the latest Home Isolation feature helps to keep you on track in monitoring your health status until the 10-day isolation period is over.

Even with BruHealth experiencing technical glitches at certain times, we should give credit to the mobile app and to make allowance for further improvements for everyone’s convenience.

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