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Three-metre crocodile captured near fish pond

James Kon

Firefighters last Friday captured a three-metre long crocodile with a snare catcher along the Jalan Danau area, Kampong Telisai, Tutong District, after a public report on the reptile’s sighting.

Six firefighters from Bukit Beruang Fire Station led by ASO Haji Kamaruzaman responded to the wild animal disturbance incident, according to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD).

The crocodile, found on the bank of a fish pond, was handed over to the wild animal division after being captured.

No one was injured. The FRD said wild animals such as crocodiles, snakes and monitor lizards are attracted to unkept areas infested with rats, and with grass, or with livestock or pets, which are targets for the wild animals.

Rodent infestations are more prone to attracting the wild animals, and unkempt lawns may also become their breeding or nesting grounds, the department added.

The public is urged to contact the department for wild animal encounters around residential or commercial areas. They are advised to avoid approaching or threatening the wild animals; observe cleanliness; and keep windows and doors closed when not at home.

The crocodile seen on the bank of a fish pond. PHOTO: FRD