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Three companies found flouting Employment Order

Fadley Faisal

The Labour Department’s enforcement division carried out Operasi Sejahtera 07/2022 to uncover Employment Order 2009 violations in Kampong Mulaut on March 15.

Enforcement officials inspected four companies and discovered three had violated the Employment Order by hiring three labourers working not in accordance with their original employment contracts.

One, whose job description was a cook, was found working at a stall selling food while a farmer worked at a vegetable stall selling produce.

Meanwhile, a waiter was found selling nasi katok.

The Labour Department said the violators face a BND600 compound fine for the first offence and BND900 for the second.

The department also reminded the public to employ workers according to their work permits and to ensure their welfare, such as preparing their contracts and salary payments in a timely manner.

The department also denounced the misuse of business licences.

The Labour Department urged the public to seek clarification on issues by contacting 2381848 or 7298989.

Labour Department personnel during the operation.
A business under inspection. PHOTOS: LABOUR DEPARTMENT