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The perfect solution for Hari Raya cleaning tasks

For far too long, we’ve been watching nature take over stone walls in the garden or the natural stone bases of houses, covering them with a layer of moss, lichen and organic matter.

What might be romantic on the ruins of a castle can look rather scruffy in a more residential context. And that’s not all: mossy surfaces pose a high risk of slipping. As such, there is no escaping inevitable regular cleaning.

Most natural dirt can be quickly removed with a high-pressure cleaner. Kärcher pressure cleaner provides 50 times more cleaning power than manual cleaning.

This involves using water alone, fired in a concentrated jet.

As well as the extremely high cleaning performance, this also saves water, because while around 3,500 litres flow through a garden hose every hour, Kärcher K3 Deluxe Premium High Pressure Cleaner uses maximum 380 litres.

The saving effect is compounded since the high water pressure speeds up the work.

As moss and lichen are very stubborn and difficult to remove from surface pores, a rotation nozzle could be used. With Kärcher, this is the dirt blaster, included as a standard accessory with K3 Deluxe Premium. This uses the cleaning power of a concentrated point jet that rotates at high speed on the surface being cleaned. This allows stubborn layers of organic matter to be removed very efficiently.

Kärcher is the world’s leading manufacturer of cleaning equipment. Each Kärcher product features German precision engineering and attention to detail, resulting in a quality and reliable machine to meet your cleaning needs.

Discover the world of Kärcher’s cleaning equipment at Chemiland branches by calling 3330173 (Kuala Belait Headquarters) or 2267488 (Kiulap branch) for information.