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The next step in education career

If you have been looking around the hurried and fast-paced world and see yourself falling behind, you are not alone. With an open mind and courage, Joyce Tan reflected on her four-year journey as a Geography teacher and felt that it was time to re-examine her craft.

She considered her options: between secondments and a graduate programme, the latter was clearly the answer.

After a colleague shared about the Master of Arts in Humanities Education (MAHE) programme offered by the National Institute of Education of Nanyang Technological University (NIE NTU), Singapore, Tan realised, “It was exactly what I was looking for.” MAHE is designed for humanities educators and educational leaders who are interested in advancing their professional knowledge through disciplinary and interdisciplinary explorations of humanities education in geography, history, and social studies.

Similar to most of the graduate programmes offered by NIE, MAHE can be completed within one year on a full-time basis.

NIE’s reputation as an institute whose programmes are known for their quality and rigour helped solidified Joyce’s decision. NIE was an ideal place for her to return to and brush up on topics she felt were significant for her future.

“As a Geography teacher, I particularly appreciated the insights gleaned from looking at research on geographical education from Singapore and around the world, as these helped me understand the significance behind the new developments to the syllabus over the years,” she added.

Tan believed that her invaluable and unparallel experiences gained from MAHE had refined her teaching methods. After all, the willingness to unlearn and relearn will help individuals like Tan keep up with the ever-evolving world.