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Teen thief gets two years behind bars

Fadley Faisal

The Magistrate’s Court on Thursday handed a two years’ jail sentence to an 18-year-old permanent resident after he pleaded guilty to charges for thefts.

Muhammad Hasrie bin Abdullah committed theft in a dwelling and theft from inside a vehicle.

Prosecutor Sabrina binti Haji Mahmud revealed in court that the defendant was arrested by the police after receiving reports lodged by the victim.

Police investigations revealed that the defendant was walking around at dawn on March 29 around Jalan Perakong, Seria when he entered a home compound and approached a car.

He opened the car door on realising that it was not locked and took a gate remote control from inside the car.

He also found a sliding window to the house left unlocked, reached through it and took a mobile phone from a table inside a bedroom before fleeing the scene.

On handing sentence, Magistrate Harnita Zelda Skinner took into account the aggravating factors and the seriousness of the offences, and highlighted the need to deter from crimes.