Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Teachers overstretched due to mounting isolation orders

It’s been almost two years since the country was first confronted by the COVID-19 outbreak. The authorities have been steadfast in keeping the populace safe with their decisive measures and transparency, leading us to the Early Endemic Phase.

As a teacher, I am grateful for the less stringent measures. During the second wave, classes were moved online to ensure uninterrupted learning.

However, I believe a lot of students struggled to stay motivated, especially in a setting that kept them from properly socialising with their peers.

When the announcement came of the country entering the Early Endemic Phase, teachers let out a collective sigh of relief. Physical lessons would return, and the students would be able to learn in a more conducive setting.

By due to the current spread of Omicron variant, more and more teachers and students are on self-isolation order. It is true what the authorities said recently, that a small portion of students have tested positive for COVID-19. However, the statement failed to include quarantine orders for those in close contacts with infected individuals.

As a result, we are overstretched by the increasing number of relief classes we have to take on to keep the school running, topped by having to juggle between physical and online classes to ensure all students receive education.

I hope the authorities could hear our plight and come up with a solution that can relieve us from our predicament.