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Tantalising Polish cuisine lures locals

Diners who fancy Polish cuisine were treated to dishes ranging from main course and soups to desserts at a Polish Food Festival yesterday.

The festival featured more than 20 Polish cuisines which included dough soup (zurek), cold beef soup (chlodnik), smoked beef tartar, beef rolade, duck with apples, Polish style lamb shoulder, beef stroganoff and the Polish signature dish Pierogi (Dumplings).

The event showcased culinary masterpieces from three celebratory chefs, Marcin Budynek, Mariusz Olechno, and Kamil Babkowski. The food festival was held for the fourth time since 2018.

The festival was organised by the Poland Embassy to Malaysia, Laksamana College of Business (LCB) and The Rizqun International Hotel. – Azlan Othman

ABOVE & BELOW: Beef roulade; and roast duck with apples and herbs. PHOTO: LCB