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Take full advantage of day of Arafah, pilgrims told

Pilgrims must take full advantage of the blessed day of Arafah, one of the most sacred days in Islam.

Assistant State Mufti (‘Ifta) Dato Seri Setia Dr Haji Dennie bin Haji Abdullah underlined this in a sermon to Bruneian pilgrims performing wuquf in Arafah on the Day of Arafah yesterday.

“The Day of Arafah is a special day when the doors of forgiveness and blessings opened.

“Being full of sins and vices, we should increase out efforts in seeking forgiveness and blessings from Allah the Almighty,” he said. Dato Seri Setia Dr Haji Dennie said the day has many virtues, as narrated in multiple hadiths, and supplication during the Day of Arafah is not like any other thus Muslims need to increase their acts of worship.

“Muslims not performing haj are also highly encouraged to fast on the Day of Arafah to expiate sins of the previous year and the coming year,” he said.

“Meanwhile, for haj pilgrims, those performing wuquf on the Day of Arafah will have all their sins forgiven.

“Muslims should reap the benefits of this day as many times as possible through supplication, zikir, takbir, tahmid glorifying Allah the Almighty as well reciting tahlil, istighfar, and reading Al-Quran as well as selawat praising Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).”

The sermon also noted that the day reminds Muslims of the gathering of beings on the plains of Mahsyar during the Day of Judgement.

“Arafah also symbolises unity and equality of all Muslims before Allah the Almighty as pilgrims from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and social statuses come together, dressed in the same simple attire of ihram. This gathering emphasises the oneness of the Muslim community,” said the assistant state mufti. – Azlan Othman

ABOVE & BELOW: Assistant State Mufti (‘Ifta) Dato Seri Setia Dr Haji Dennie bin Haji Abdullah delivers a sermon; and Bruneian pilgrims listen to the sermon in a tent at Arafah. PHOTO: BRUNEI PILGRIMS