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Taemin of SHINee makes solo comeback

SOUTH KOREA (ANN/THE KOREAN HERALD) – Taemin, a member of the iconic K-pop group SHINee, has returned to the music scene with his fourth mini-album, “Guilty.”

The album features six tracks, including the title track “Guilty.”

At a recent press conference in Seoul, Taemin emphasised his effort to showcase his musical identity and artist growth. He described “Guilty” as a pop-oriented song, distinct from his previous conceptual singles.

Taemin of SHINee introduces his 4th EP ‘Guilty’ during a press conference in Seoul on Oct 30, 2023. PHOTO: SM Entertainment VIA ANN/THE KOREAN HERALD

The title track “Guilty” combines string instruments and dynamic synth sounds to create an addictive hook, with lyrics delving into the theme of selfish love.

Taemin also highlighted the choreography for the song, working with renowned choreographers Casper and Lee Bada.

A dance challenge video for “Guilty” was filmed with Seventeen’s Hoshi, sparking collaboration ideas.

The music video for “Guilty” tells a story, portraying Taemin as a young boy in a shelter who rebels against oppressive supervisors. This release marks Taemin’s 15th debut anniversary, and he expressed gratitude for the continued support of his fans.

He also teased an upcoming solo concert, “Metamorph,” scheduled for December 16-17, promising innovative performances and stage effects.