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Swiss hitchhikers get ride from government minister

BERLIN (AP) – Two hitchhikers in Switzerland probably weren’t expecting the driver behind the wheel of the little car that stopped for them to be a government minister.

Their surprise appears to have given way to delight, for the women later sent Environment Minister Simonetta Sommaruga a thank-you card stating: “what a peaceful country we have, where a member of the Federal Council picks up hitchhikers”.

Sommaruga posted a picture of the card on her Instagram page last Friday, adding that she had been driving down the road in her Mini when she saw the women – one of whom she said was almost 90 – walking along an icy road.

Swiss media quoted Sommaruga’s spokeswoman last Saturday saying the incident occurred a week ago in the Bern region.

It is not unusual to see members of Switzerland’s seven-person Cabinet in public without security.