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Swimmer’s remains found after Sydney shark attack

SYDNEY (AFP) – Australian police said they had recovered human remains in the water after a horrific shark attack yesterday at a Sydney beach. It is the city’s first fatal attack since 1963.

A man fishing off nearby rocks told national broadcaster ABC he saw a man in a wetsuit being dragged underwater by a large shark off the eastern suburbs beach of Little Bay.

“When he went down there were so many splashes,” the man said.

“It was terrible. I am shaking,” he said, describing an attack that lasted several seconds.

“I keep vomiting. It’s very, very upsetting,” the man told ABC. “He just went down for a swim, enjoying the day, but that shark took his life.”

New South Wales police said officers investigating the reported attack had found human remains in the water.

“An investigation into the swimmer’s death is ongoing, and Little Bay Beach is closed as officers continue to search the area,” they said in a statement.