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Swedish dads go viral as boy band

NORRKÖPING (AFP) – Five Swedish fathers singing capella pop songs while taking care of their young children have taken social media by storm, with their videos garnering tens of millions of views.

The five men, all in their 30s, film their Dad Harmony sessions while hanging out with their kids at home in the northern town of Skelleftea.

“This story all started at my bachelor party” in the summer of 2022, Peter Widmark, a 33-year-old who works in sales, told AFP in an interview.

“We were hanging out and singing as we usually do when we hang out… (and) my brother filmed it and put it on TikTok with his seven followers,” he said.

The next morning the dads discovered the video had been viewed 40,000 times.

The number had skyrocketed to 20 million hits worldwide within a few weeks.

The five friends decided to start posting videos regularly, shot in their kitchens or on their sofas, often holding their little ones on their laps.

Members of the band ‘Dad Harmony’ during an interview in Norrkoping, Sweden. PHOTO: AFP

Singing a chorus of a classic song, one of the dads can be seen holding his weeks-old newborn in his arms.

“It’s a soothing thing when we sing,” Widmark said, explaining why the children are usually so calm in the videos.

“We are typical Swedish guys,” said Widmark’s brother Tomas, who is also part of the group, adding it was “not that unusual” for men in Sweden to spend a lot of time with their children.

“Almost every guy in Sweden is used to taking paternity leave so it’s not a big deal for us,” he added. Each of the dads has two kids.

Dad Harmony’s repertoire includes hits by Michael Jackson and the Beatles.

Since the end of November the group has been on a month-long tour criss-crossing Sweden to perform live shows each weekend – albeit without their kids.

During the weeks, they go back to Skelleftea and continue to work at their normal jobs and spend time with their families.

The dads vow their success won’t go to their heads. “No televisions flying from the hotel rooms!” joked band member Sebastian Akesson.

But the group has big dreams: they hope to line up tour dates in the United States and Asia, and said they would love to sing with Elton John one day.