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Supermarket ordered to remove non-halal drinks from main shelf

Azlan Othman

A supermarket selling various brands of beverages found to be sourced from alcoholic products, was ordered to immediately withdraw the items from public display and move them to the non-halal section.

The products were: Asahi Dry Zero and Asahi Chardonnay Sparkling Taste, manufactured by Asahi Breweries Ltd, Suntory All-Free and Suntory All-Free Lime Short by Suntory Beer Limited, and Alps Elaborate Grape Juice Premium White and Alps Elaborate Grape Juice by Alps Co Ltd.

Acting on public complaints, the Halal Food Control Division of the Syariah Affairs Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) inspected the products and determined there to be a possibility of the manufacturing process to involve ingredients sourced from alcoholic beverages, despite the products having been declared as non-alcoholic.

In addition, the manufacturing companies also produce various types of alcoholic beverage products in Japan.

To protect the welfare of the Muslim community, the Syariah Affairs Department has instructed importers, supermarkets and shops in the Sultanate to immediately segregate these products, if sold at their premises.

The MoRA reminded owners, managers, operators, retailers, suppliers and importers to be mindful and to ensure non-halal items are not sold in a shared space with their halal counterparts.

The ministry also expressed gratitude for the tip-off, adding that related information can be forwarded to the Syariah Affairs Department through the Halal Food Control Division at its hotline 7166222 or by contacting the Halal Food Control Division office in each district.

The products found to be sourced from alcoholic beverages. PHOTO: MORA